The Kenwood FPP225 food processor offers a lot for the money. We are going to take a look at this model that has attracted hundreds of fantastic customer reviews.


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Food processors vary massively in price and quality. This model comes in firmly in the budget price range but has the quality of a mid range food processor. It is a versatile food processor that would suit the average family very well.

Most families want to eat healthy home cooked meals but the time available in the day means it doesn’t happen. This model is a cost effective way of massively speeding up the way in which you prepare fresh food. It will mix, chop, slice and blend any ingredients in minutes flat.

Salads, sauces, soups and smoothies are just a small number of the recipes that can be made with this fantastic kitchen tool. You can transform your cooking without being a trained chef.

The great thing about this model is that it strikes the balance perfectly between price and quality. The reality is that most if us will use it a couple of times a week and wouldn’t want to spend £300 plus on a food processor. This model gives you all of the benefits of a quality food processor at a great price.

A great model that has smashed into our top ten that will suit most people well.


At this price point the FPP225 has a lot of benefits but also a few down sides. Below we list a few of the main points.

  • Pulse option.
  • 2 speed options.
  • Compact overall size.
  • Blender jug for smoothies and juicing.
  • Chop and mix ingredients for burgers.


  • Not powerful enough for heavy use.
  • Fairly noisy.
  • Not the biggest capacity.

What’s In The Box

Below is a list of what you should expect when the box arrives, there are lots of good accessories.

  • Kenwood 750W food processor base unit.
  • User manual.
  • 1.2 Litre blender jug.
  • Spatula.
  • Coarse shredding and slicing disc attachment.
  • Knife blade.
  • Emulsifying tool.
  • Liquidiser filler tube.

The Kenwood FPP225 Food Processor Features

This great value model offers a lot for the money. Below we go through the main features, there are a surprising amount so it is well worth the read.

Duel Speed And Pulse

The FPP225 is powered by a 750 watt motor that is tough enough for most jobs in the kitchen. There are two speed options and a pulse options for chopping and blending different types of food. This flexibility allows you to process the food to exactly the way you want it.

1.2 Litre Liquidiser

This handy attachments turns the FPP225 into a great liquidiser. This versatile attachment opens up endless possibilities for use including making soup, curries, sauces, smoothies and juices. Just add in the ingredients and switch it on for a couple of minutes and you are done!

2.1 Litre Main Bowl

This allows you to process a good amount of food for average size meals. There are other models on the market that have larger capacities. If you are catering for a small family or a couple of people this is big enough but if you are regularly cooking for a large family it may be wise to look at the Kenwood FDM790 as an alternative.

Coarse Shredding And Slicing

The coarse shredding and slicing disc mean you can chop and slice vegetables for a salad with ease in seconds. The slices will come out even in thickness and will look great on the plate. The course shredding will give rough chopped

Compact Design

Modern day homes and kitchens are getting smaller and space is at a premium. The Kenwood FPP225 gives you a good balance between capacity and overall size. If you are pushed for space this is a great model to look at as some of the large capacity models take up a lot more room.

What the Customers Say

The most important views are those of the masses of people that have bought this model. We like to think our opinion is valuable but adding in the highlights of customer reviews will hopefully give you a well rounded review of the Kenwood FPP225.

Really Compact Design

A few people have been pleasantly surprised at the compact size of this food processor. The compact overall size does not however compromise the capacity at 2.1 litres. Great if you are working in a small kitchen where space can be tight. The overall dimensions are 19cm wide by 19cm deep by 32cm high.

It’s As Good As My Old Expensive Food Processor

With so many good reviews a number of customers have opted for this model to replace older more expensive models. Many have been very pleased that it does the job just as well and sometimes better then some of the more expensive models on the market. Kenwood technology goes right across the food processor price range meaning the cheaper models benefit from some of the technology in the high end models.

Ideal For Soups And Curries

Making home made soups and curries can taste amazing but can also be a bit of a chore. The FPP225 makes light work of these meals and a number of reviews specifically point out how well it blends soups and curry sauces. It makes the home made meals a lot easier to make as part of your day to day cooking rather than being a treat meal you make once in a while.

Great Smoothies And Juices

Some have been using it as a smoothie maker and juicer. The smaller blender jug does a great job of breaking down all the fruit into a nice smooth drink. It even breaks down some frozen fruits that are poured into the mix. A great kitchen accessory to help with fast healthy breakfasts.

Not The Quietest

A few people have mentioned that they are very happy with the FPP225 but one small point is that it is quite noisy. For the price this is a fantastic machine but you need to go up the price levels a good bit before you find a quieter model.


Summing it up we have to say this is an excellent food processor. For the money it is hard to beat, most budget models don’t come close to this and neither do some of the mid range models. The capacity is ample and the attachments make it a very versatile food processor for most types of cooking.

The Kenwood quality shines though on this model which is highlighted by the hundreds of 4 and 5 star customer reviews. These customers have bought and used the FPP225 and are very happy which is the best endorsement you can get.

If you are looking at buying a food processor for the first time or are replacing one on a budget then look no further. A highly recommended model.

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