On this page we are going to take a look at the high end food processor from Kenwood, the FPM910. This is a very comprehensive food processor for all of your needs.


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Kenwood_FPM910_Multi_Pro_Excel_Food_Processor_ 1300_Watt_Silver

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner cook looking to get started in the kitchen or a budding chef that relies on the food processor every day this model is for you. It is a very powerful and versatile model that has so many attachments that will come in very useful. This goes much further than most food processors in terms of features but still does the basics very well indeed.

The varying blades and speed control mean you can prepare your ingredients to exactly how you want them and take your meals to the next level. Useful for salads, deserts, sauces and other food this will make life very easy in the kitchen.

Coming with a 5 year warranty this is a food processor that is built to last and will take on some tough ingredients that lesser models couldn’t. This includes grinding hard spices and chopping up very hard vegetables with ease.

This belongs in our top ten as it is a such a comprehensive food processor, once you have bought this you won’t need to buy one again for a long time. A great product form a great brand.


The benefits of owning this food processor are endless, here are a few of the main ones and some of the downsides.

  • Works with many tough ingredients.
  • Great for dough.
  • Very versatile.
  • Quiet.
  • Ability to grind spices.


  • Expensive to buy.
  • Bulky.
  • Heavy.

What’s In The Box

There are a lot of attachments that come with the FPM910, below is a list of what you should expect to find in the box.

  • Kenwood FPM910 with 4 litre and 1.6 litre bowls.
  • 1.6 Litre glass blender.
  • Glass multimill for grinding spices.
  • Serrated steel knife blades.
  • Slicing and grating discs.
  • Fine julienne disc.
  • Crinkle cut disc.
  • Dough tool.
  • Folding tool.
  • Metal dual whisk.
  • Citrus press.
  • Storage box.

The Kenwood FDM910 Food Processor Features

This high end model has a lot of features to talk about. No matter what your requirements are it will probably have something to help you. Have a read through and see if it matches up to what you need.

Powerful 1300 Watt Motor

The motor is a very powerful 1300 watt motor that will cope with heavy use and tough ingredients with ease. Most jobs won’t push the motor to anywhere near it’s maximum making it last a lot longer than the less powerful food processors.

Eight Speed Settings And Pulse

Have absolute control over how you chop, blend and slice your ingredients with eight speed settings and a pulse setting. You will be able to choose how chunky you want your soups to come out by choosing the correct speed. A great feature for accurate cooking.

4 And 1.6 Litre Tritan Bowls

These light and sturdy bowls give you a good bit of flexibility. If you are using a lot of ingredients for a big meal the 4 litre bowl will give you plenty of capacity but if you just need to chop up a few bits for a salad then the smaller 1.6 litre bowl will be more then enough. For a large family this is a great feature, you may be cooking a meal that needs to cover a couple of meals and need a lot of ingredients chopped and mixed, some of the cheaper versions wouldn’t have the capacity or power to deal with this.

1.6 Litre Thermo Resist Glass Blender

This is a great addition that will allow you to make soups, smoothies and juices every day with ease. Combine this attachment with the variable speed control and you will have a very comprehensive blender in its own right ready to produce some high quality food in minutes. If you have a smoothie for breakfast every day this will make it in minutes.

Built In Scales

You can weigh your ingredients as you go so there is no need to get out a separate set of scales. A nice feature which enables you to add the correct amount of ingredients as you go.

Dough Tool

This model is great for working with dough. It has a powerful motor that will keep kneading the dough with no problem. The dough tool will help you get the perfect dough with no effort at all.

Many Accessories

The FPM910 comes with a lot of blades and accessories. Some you may not use but they will all come in handy at some point. They include the blender, a grinding mill for spices, 7 discs for an array of chopping and slicing finishes, dough tool, folding tool, whisk and citrus and citrus press.

What the Customers Say

Let’s take a look at what the customers have to say after they have been using the FPM910. Our views are all well and good but it’s great to see how well it has worked for the people that have bought it. Below we will take some of the highlights from the online customer reviews.

Very Quiet

The motor is very quiet on this model which is ideal if you need to keep the noise down while you are cooking. Some of the quieter models I have found to be very noisy.

I Love The Mill For Grinding Spices

A few people have bought this model specifically for the mill to grind spices. If you spend a lot of time making your own curries or other foods that require a lot of spices this is a great feature.

Quite Bulky And Heavy

There are comments about how heavy and bulky this model is. It has a very large capacity so there is no getting away for the size of the dish and with a powerful motor it is going to add extra weight. If you are tight for space it is worth considering the dimensions. Here are the overall dimensions, 26cm deep by 43.9cm high by 26cm wide

Great Build Quality

Many have commented on how good the build quality is on the Kenwood FDM910. This model is built to cope with heavy use and tackle some pretty tough ingredients. If you want your food processor to last it is important that is can with stand some pretty tough use.


This is an all round brilliant food processor. If you like to buy high quality products once then this is the one for you. It has endless features that will assist in preparing some great dishes that you wouldn’t of dreamed of making with a cheaper model. The control and power are well balanced to work with different recipes.

In terms of value for money we think it is great, it is an expensive outlay but comes with a five year warranty and many attachments that will save you money in the long run.

For people looking eat more healthy home cooked food this is perfect, once you have started using it you will soon realise just how much it can help you out in different situations. Those long jobs that stopped you from making some nice meals during the week will be gone in an instant.

A brilliant food processor that we highly recommend.

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