Lets take a look at the mid range offering from Kenwood. The FDM790 is a great food processor that is very versatile and doesn’t break the bank.


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The Kenwood FDM790 is aimed at making the busy family life a bit easier to manage. It is a very versatile food processor that will chop, dice, slice and blend a wide variety of ingredients to help speed up the cooking process. When you come home from a busy day at work you need a tool that will prepare your ingredients in minutes so that it can be quickly cooked. If you are not a professional chef the chopping and dicing can be very time consuming. Not only will it save time but it will prepare ingredients to the highest standard making your food taste great.

The range of attachments and power in the motor make this great for blending soups, making sauces and even making dough as well as the job of chopping and dicing veg. It is a kitchen tool that can be used for almost every meal and will assist you in making more of your family meals from scratch.

With so many great customer reviews this model really has been a big success in many kitchens across the UK. Customers are very happy with the performance and the price. Kenwood have lived up to their high quality reputation with this model.


There are a lot of big benefits to buying this model, we have listed a few below.

  • Powerful motor.
  • Easy and fast to clean.
  • Dish washer proof.
  • 5 Year Warranty.
  • Works with dough.


This is a mid range food processor, the list below is not so much cons but things that you would find on more expensive models.

  • Less power than the high end models.
  • Can struggle with hard veg.

What’s In The Box

This is a pretty comprehensive food processor that comes with quite a few attachments which are worth covering. You may well find some uses that you never thought about!

  • The main Kenwood FDM790 food processor.
  • 3 litre large bowl.
  • 1.5 Litre thermo resist glass blender.
  • serrated steel knife blade.
  • 0.5 litre mini bowl.
  • 2mm and 4mm reversible slicing and grating discs.
  • Dough tool.
  • Dual metal whisk.
  • The Kenwood FDM790 Food Processor Features

    Now we will take a look at the individual features of this model. It is a very versatile food processor that is aimed at making family cooking nice and easy. There are a few really nice unique touches on this model that make it stand out from the rest of the market.

    3 Litre Family Bowl

    This large capacity bowl is great for preparing big family meals. It can hold a lot of ingredients that need to be chopped, diced or mixed to make preparation time super fast. When you are cooking a family meal preparing the ingredients can be the longest task. Not any more, with the FDM 790 it can can blast though large quantities easily.

    1.5 Litre ThermoResist Blender Attachment

    This attachment is the perfect tool for making smoothies, soups and other liquid based recipes. The capacity is enough to hold a good size and it will blend the contents in seconds. The ThermoResist technology means the attachment can hold hot soups without cracking like the cheaper plastics out there. This feature adds to it’s versatility as an all rounder in the kitchen.

    0.5 Litre Bowl

    This smaller bowl is great for lesser quantities of food if you are cooking for one. It is easier to clean and makes the whole process a bit quicker. Very handy to have as an extra to the main large bowl.

    Variable Speed And Pulsing

    The powerful 1000 watt motor is designed to break down some of the toughest ingredients out there. The speed of the motor can be altered and there is a pulsing setting to give you ultimate control over the preparation of your food. Eight different speed settings allow you to whizz ingredients into a pulp or gently chop them into manageable sizes for a nice casserole.

    Built In Scales

    If you need to measure a number of different ingredients before processing then this is a great feature. Just measure and add to the recipe as you go without fussing around with separate scales. Keeps the kitchen tidier and easier to manage. A nice little touch that saves even more time. If this is kept on the work top it can even be used as your main scales!

    Dough Tool

    The dough tools are brilliant for baking and making your own pastas. Cut out the hard work of needing your dough, the FDM 790 will get it to the perfect consistency while you get on with other jobs. This is a feature that you don’t often get with the cheaper models as you need the motor power to deal with it. This makes it a truly versatile food processor.

    What the Customers Say

    In this section we move away from our thoughts on this model and turn our attention to what the customers think. The FDM 790 has a lot of customer reviews online with some great comments that are good to read before you make your buying decision. The customer reviews for this model tend to be very good and we aim to pick out some of the common themes.

    Great For Dicing Veg

    One thing that many people have bought this model for is to speed up the slow task of dicing vegetables. Preparing a family meal that has an onion base with other veggies that need to be diced up finely can take half an hour to get the veg to the right size. The Kenwood FDM 790 will dice in seconds to the perfect size ready to cook. This enables you to chuck all of the ingredients into the pan and start cooking straight away rather then spending most of your time on preparation. Many customers comment on how well this dices over other models.

    Love The Built In Scales

    Many users love the handy built in scales. Ingredients can be measured on the go easily without digging out more kitchen tools. For basic recipes and cooking it can do almost all of the prep saving you a lot of time not only in preparation but also in the cleaning up time.

    Does So Many Jobs

    Many family cooks need a simple to use and basic blender, the Kenwood FDM 790 seems to be the answer. This food processor has a lot of attachments including the blender and various blades that help with most meals and cooking methods. For most of us we need a food processor that is versatile and fast to use. This one seems to do the trick. As an all rounder many people are very pleased.

    It Looks Great

    The look of a food processor that sits on the worktop is important to many customers. Even if it doesn’t get used regularly it will be seen every day. We found many comments where happy customers are pleased with the aesthetics of the FDM 790 as well as it’s functionality. A real bonus for the modern kitchen that is all about style as well as functionality.

    Struggles With Some Tougher Ingredients And Baking

    Although the reviews for this model are great a few serious cooks have mentioned that it struggles with doughs and other tough ingredients. Many have compared it to the KitchenAid models which deal with the tougher ingredients very well. The biog difference is that the FDM 790 is about half the price of the KitchenAid. Many people are pleased with how it performs at this price range but for the serious chefs it may well be wise to invest in the high end models that have a lot of power.


    This has made our top ten for a number of reasons. The Kenwood FDM790 food processor offers a lot of tools and attachments to make life easy in the kitchen and also has a powerful motor for most jobs. The customer reviews are great and that says a lot about this model. We think for family life it is the perfect balance between cost and functionality. As you jump up to the very expensive food processors there is no doubt they are the best but if you want a mid range model that will last then this is great value.

    The features and equipment that come with this model have been well thought about and will assist in most jobs not just chopping. You can use this model as a blender which will reduce the amount of equipment you need.

    The Kenwood brand has always been associated with high quality and the FDM790 is no exception. Kenwood have backed this up with a 5 year warranty for absolute piece of mind. A really good food processor and highly recommend.

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