On this page we are going to have a look at the kitchen gadget giant Kenwood. Famed for making our lives in the kitchen a lot easier we will look at the range of food processors they have on offer in 2016 and then have a bit more of a look at the brand.

The Kenwood Food Processor Range For 2016

Below are some model overviews for the range of food processors from Kenwood in 2016. Their is something to suit everyone’s needs from the first time user to the keen home cook that will be using it every day. This range is held in high regard by many happy customers and has a great reputation so it’s a good place to start looking.



This really is a great blender. It is fantastic value for money competing with blenders at the mid price range for quality and versatility. For the family that is looking to enhance there diet and cook more at home then this is the place to start. By purchasing this model you will be buying a food processor that can combine the basic jobs of a number of other kitchen tools in one. It will make basic juices and smoothies and blend soups and sauces as well as chopping and slicing vegetables to a very high standard.

If you are looking for a food processor for the first time or are replacing and old one that doesn’t get used too much then look no further as this is an excellent choice. For the budding chefs and heavy users then it may be wise to get a more powerful model like the Kenwood FDM790.

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Kenwood_FPM910_Multi_Pro_Excel_Food_Processor_ 1300_Watt_Silver

This is the top end model from Kenwood offering you everything you could possibly need from a food processor. This really is a great buy for all of you that like to buy quality products that will last. It comes with a very large capacity bowl for those large meals and a smaller one for quick jobs. The unit is powered by a controllable and very powerful motor that enables you to blitz through tough ingredients or take a more gentle approach with a chunky soups. The blender jug has a great capacity and allows you to make gorgeous smoothies and juices in seconds. The range of blades and discs gives you endless possibilities when it comes to chopping and slicing, as well as getting the perfect cut you can also shred and slice in different ways for brilliant presentation of your food. A couple of great little features that set this apart are the built in scales and spice grinder. Once you own a Kenwood FPM910 food processor you will use it all of the time. It is the perfect kitchen assistant for the busy family cook and the budding chef. Top of the Kenwood range this is a real luxury and we highly recommend it as part of out top ten.

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The FDM790 is a great mid range food processor that comes with a lot of power and some great attachments. For the family cook that is looking for a versatile assistant then this is the one for you. It can blend soups and sauces, work with dough and for baking and pasta and chop all of the vegetable into manageable sizes ready to cook. This has a lot more power than the cheaper models making it ideal for the larger family meals and much more heavy use. The bowls that come with it are large enough to hold enough ingredients for a big meal. The style and design are as good as the food processor itself making it easy to use with very functional buttons and attachments. The brushed metal finish will look good in any style and colour of kitchen. Kenwood have really done a great job of the this model which sits in our top ten for very good reason.

Making Life Easy In The Kitchen

The mission of Kenwood was to take a lot of simple jobs in the kitchen and make them easier. It sounds like an easy job but it’s not! Many have tried and failed along the way but Kenneth Wood had a real eye for detail and understood how technology could work well in certain situations. This winning combination has made Kenwood a world wide brand from very humble beginnings.

It all started with toast! Over sixty years ago the company came out with a fantastic new product, a toaster. It toasted both sides of the bread at once, a real revolutionary idea compared to the traditional way of using the grill. This was a really popular product that paved the way to build the product that would send Kenwood on a fast journey to become one of the leading brands.

The Kenwood Chef was released soon after and was the first automated kitchen mixer. It was a dream gadget for the modern house wife and sold by the thousands. In days when everything was mixed by had which could be very hard work the Kenwood Chef cut the workload and sped up cooking in many ways. This success has led onto the development of a whole range of fantastic kitchen automation tools that are now an important part of many kitchens across the world. The food processor range is an important part of this range as it has become one of the most used kitchen tools on the market.

The firm is a true British company which is very important to many of us looking to invest our hard earned money. There are so few British companies that produce electronic gadgets it is nice to have the option to buy British from a company who also have a world wide reputation for being one of the best. Many British companies are famous for their research and development of new technologies and Kenwood have carried on that tradition.

As well as product functionality Kenwood have also managed to make the products look great. They have nice finishes that will compliment any kitchen work top and a range of models that suit all sorts of styles and colours. The kitchen in the modern home is now a lot more than a functional room, it is a room that is used a lot by family and friends and the design is as important as the way it works. Kenwood is a brand that will stand out in your kitchen showing that you like high quality products.