At Food Processor Zone we are passionate about researching and providing some great information about food processors. We hope that by reading through our site you will be able to identify a food processor that will work well in your kitchen and suit your needs. When you look at the huge range of food processors on the market you will see that the price level varies massively and the different models can do different jobs. Well don’t worry about getting confused, our reviews are here to help. We will look at the individual models and manufacturers to give you a detailed in sight into how it could work for you.

Manufacturer Reviews

Our manufacturer reviews will have a good look at the manufacturer and the range as a whole. Often certain companies aim their products at certain niches within markets and these are well worth considering before you make a choice. Other big brands are great at covering the main uses of a food processor. Below are some manufacture overviews, once you have read these you can click through to the more detailed manufacturer reviews.


When it comes to big names in kitchen gadgets they don’t come much bigger then Kenwood. The British company has been around for over 50 years perfecting the automation of jobs in the kitchen. They have produced a large range of well thought of gadgets to help chefs and home cooks including food processors, mixers, blender, ice cream makers and more. Over the years they have paid a lot of attention to the research and design of their products that has led to them becoming a household name and market leader in so many product areas. The customer reviews they receive are brilliant and Kenwood has become a brand that many householders rely on to keep on top of the cooking jobs.

The range of food processors they have brought to the market is very well thought of and covers a wide price range ensuring they have products for the less frequent users that don’t want to spend a lot up to the expensive models for the serious cooks and chefs. If you like to buy British and are looking for a good brand to trust then buying a Kenwood food processor is not a bad place to start.

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Product Review

By following our site from the home page down through the manufacturers you will end up at the individual model reviews. On the home page we provide some light product overviews and provide some of the highlights about different food processors. From there you can click down to the in depth model reviews to get a detailed look at the features and decide of it is the one for you to buy. We see it as out job to try and cut through all of the confusing information and present you with a balanced view of each food processor from customers and our own points of view.