How many of us have the great idea of cooking a nice meal from scratch but it all goes bad after ages of preparation? Probably most of us! We spend ages chopping, dicing and slicing ingredients for a recipe that looks amazing in the book but the reality is a chunky mess that really wasn’t worth the effort. If this is you then you should really look at investing in a good food processor. It will transform the way you prepare food and will get used a lot. You can put an end to all of the chopping jobs and concentrate on the recipe as all of the ingredients will be perfectly prepared in minutes. The food processor really is one of the most versatile and well used pieces of kitchen equipment on the market. Below we have a look at a few of the benefits.

Seven Benefits Of A Food Processor

A food processor has so many benefits for the home cook. We could write endless points about why you should buy one. Below we have listed seven benefits that we think are the main reasons that most should buy one. There are a lot of specialist recipes that a food processor is great for so you could find lots more time saving reasons than just the ones below.

Fast Food Preparation

Lets face it, chopping, slicing and dicing ingredients can be one of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of cooking meals from scratch. We all like the idea of home cooking but the effort involved puts many of us off. With the food processor this isn’t an issue, it will perfectly prepare most ingredients so that they can be thrown in the pan and cooked into a tasty meal for the family to enjoy.

Healthy Cooking

One of the main reasons many of us decided to invest in a food processor is to help us eat more healthy food. With very busy modern lives it is so easy to start to move away from a healthy home cooked diet to buying pre packed food that is thrown into the oven and cooked in twenty minutes. When you are making your own meals you know what is in them so can control your diet and easily achieve the five a day we are all supposed to eat. Putting extra vegetables into meals doesn’t need to be a hassle any more, the food processor will have them all ready in seconds. Why not take a recipe that you have tried many times and put it to the test and see just how quickly you can get it prepared with the food processor as opposed to doing it all manually. You will probably be quite surprised.

Cooking Large Meals

If you have a family that you regularly cook for or like to host dinner parties you will know how difficult it can be to prepare the ingredients for large meals. A food processor will give you a quick and easy way to prepare large volumes of food in no time. You will be able to relax and enjoy the meals rather than ending up tired after a hard days cooking. A quick lunch time salad for six people is a simple job and will test sensational with perfectly cut ingredients not big chunks of veg.

Multi Use

The food processor is a super versatile piece of kitchen equipment that can be used to save time in so many different ways apart from chopping up your vegetables. If you enjoy eating a varied diet of home cooked foods then the food processor can be used constantly to assist. It can be used to chop or slice vegetables to put straight into casseroles, soups can be processed to give you beautiful chunky home made soup in a matter of minutes and sauces can be mixed up to help prepare fast pasta dishes. These are some pretty common uses but there are endless uses for making things like pesto and certain butters where nuts need to be crushed down with other ingredients to give you the perfect consistency.

For all you curry lovers out there a food processor will make some great curry pastes for tasty home made curries. It’s quick and easy and will be mixed up and ready to cook.


For most of us chopping and slicing is a real chore that takes ages and often the ingredients come out in various sizes that are not ideal for cooking with. If you are a budding chef with great knife skills then chopping by hand will be second nature but for the rest of use we should use the food processor. It will cut or slice the ingredients into evenly sized pieces ready to cook in seconds. If you are cooking a tomato based sauce that needs onions, peppers, courgettes and celery you could have all of these ready to throw into the sauce pan in seconds. All you have to do is wash up the food processor which is way easier.


Making hearty winter soups with the food processor is such an easy job and also very cheap. A lot of vegetable based soups just need the ingredients blended up into a fine mix then cooked. The food processor will do this in seconds and then you just need to cook it. The vegetables that go into a soup are often cheaper then buying the pre made products and you will end up with a fresh tasting super healthy home made soup for a family in record time.

New To Cooking

If you are new to cooking or a very infrequent cook one of the barriers to getting into it is that lack of skills when it comes to food preparation. Dicing up vegetables and mixing stuff together can take a long time and come out pretty badly. The food processor will make your food look like it is made by a professional chef. The sliced ingredients will come out perfectly sliced and equal in thickness. Diced onions will be chopped into tiny bits that cook brilliantly in sauces and anything the needs blending will be mixed to perfection. If you are trying to get into cooking and want to try new recipes then the food processor is one of the first pieces of kitchen equipment to buy.

The reality is that no matter what sort of cooking you like the food processor will make life easier and faster. It doesn’t matter if you like to make salads, hearty home casseroles or baking bread there are always plenty of uses that will make it a well used utensil. Have a think about what you cook and what you would like to cook and see if it will speed up and improve your cooking.